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Skill Development is Important!

Introduction: Firstly, we should understand that everyone on this planet has some kind of skills which is unique and can be done only by them. This can be noticed by no one else by themselves and this possible with gaining experience. These skills are like a network, which has so many things that are interrelated to your skills such as the aspiration, goals, achievements, etc.

A right mindset along with a right set of skill is required to go on in the right direction that will only lead us to accomplishing dream or so called “Aim.” Lack of skills are considered to be outcome of failure which comes out as the frustration when one is not able to succeed in what he wants and unnecessarily waste time which is precious. We would require a lot of hard work, for countless hours to gain the mastery in their skills. Generally, we give attention to any kind of work that brings in the recognition but are not worried about the hard work that is involved to get such recognition, that’s some of the human mentality.

Meaning of Skill Development: is a process of determining the skill gaps and finding ways to overcome them. Skills plays an important role to define a person's ability and this ability is the only strong reason behind the successful implementation of plans.

Why is Skill Development Important.?

Skill development is considered to be a valuable addition to your life. Main objective of skill development is to ensure that everyone are in a position to be capable enough to earn their own leaving and not face any kind of difficulty for survival in this competitive world.

It is required to understand the fact that gaining knowledge alone doesn’t guarantee you the skill, but practice does. Theoretical knowledge can only give an imaginative structure but it is the practical knowledge that can give us a real exposure. Though the books are sufficient enough to throw light towards someone else’s thought process but if you need to create your own empire, the students must need to come out of their comfort zone and know what is what by actually implementing their knowledge into the real world.

These practical work will enable the students to increase the thinking capabilities. Your limited skill should impose the restrictions but instead we will have to respect the time and keep upgrading to the new skill, it is a required that one should be adaptable as per the need.

The ultimate fact is that there is a big gap between the traditional training given to the students and the actual requirement in the market, of course, we have started to see some changes to the same but still it is to be kept in mind that only Skill Development can clear the gap between them and also ensure that the students would get the required skill set training that is actually required in the market.

How can one develop Skill Development?

  • Have a closer look at the core skills that is in demand and try to be always upgraded to the latest skill that have a direct impact on your goals. Start slowly by assuming that we are at the initial level of learning and gradually increase it.

  • Try to divide the learning into segments and by doing so, one can get quality outcome because it is humanly impossible to learn everything at once and like they always tell, “Slow in Studies, wins the race.”

  • Any that is learnt just for the sake of it does not give you the proper output. Hence it is required to be determined and committed towards what we are doing and learning.

These might seem to be very very common and easy, but when we start to actually implement it, only then we will know actual face of it. To cover this point up, there are a lot of Government schemes that stands as a support to the above statement.

Schemes introduced by Government towards Skill Development:

It is known fact that the youths are considered to be the backbone of any nation in the future, that’s the reason why we also celebrate International Youth Day as on 12th August of every year in our country. This was started with a motive to encourage the youth our nation to learn, grow, upgrade and to make themselves understand that they are the future of our nation.

If today the youth are directed and guided in the right manner then there would be an upward trend in the nations growth and nobody can stop the nation to achieve its goals and heights. Keeping this in mind, India has a national youth policy which has been made to resolve the restrictions/constraints faced by the youth.

Some of the schemes that were initiated by the Government:

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship had launched Skill India Mission in the year 2015 which provides the much required benefits of skill enhancement and related program to around 1 crore people.

The three important decisions taken by the government are as follows:

  1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

  2. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

  3. Industrial Training Institutes

All these three decisions taken by the government came in handy and played a vital role in the transformation of re-skilling the youth in the best possible manner.

In order to meet the demand of industry, various authorised bodies such as the Skill India, are training the youth to obtain the best possible output in this corporate world which is competitive. They are also providing the on-the-job training to the employees, students and other working professionals to give them practical the much required exposure at the actual workplace.

We at Infimind Educare Foundation are also providing various skill development training programmes in the field of IT such as the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Python & Java Programming, Ethical Hacking, Full Stack Web Development. Also we provide the Soft Skills training to the corporates, Individuals, Institutions on various topics such as the Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Interpersonal skills, etc.

We always believe in Educate. Enrich. Empower.

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