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What is food and beverage services all about?

A Brief History of the F&B Industry

In earlier times, travelling was mostly confined to military personnel, pilgrims, and traders. While the military personnel would carry their own food with them, it was the pilgrims and traders who were in need of accommodation and food during their travel. To accommodate these travelers, the first "Inns" were started. Travelers were given only a bed, or one corner of the room. There were times where people shared their rooms with livestock. As time evolved, travelers were looking for privacy and sanitation. These inns slowly transformed into what we today call as hotels, providing food and accommodation.

F&B Services - An Overview

As the name suggests, food and beverage services includes a whole lot of activities from preparing food and drinks, to presenting and serving it to guests. Food and Beverage business usually operate in a similar fashion:

The process starts off with purchasing the required ingredients and storing them under the right conditions. Then, the concerned department issues the ingredients required for the particular day, after which the preparations and cooking begin. Once the meals are cooked, utmost care is taken to present the dishes in the most attractive manner before it is served to customers. The process ends with cleaning tables and the kitchen.

Food and Beverages Industry in the Indian Economy

1. According to CII and Grant Thornton, by 2025, India is expected to become the world's 5th largest consumer market.

2. India's Food and Beverage Industry is valued at $400 billion, the 4th highest globally.

3. Out of the $400 billion, food processing constitutes up to $130 billion.

4. India currently is the world's biggest producer of milk, and stands 5th in poultry production.

Top Three Trends in the Food and Beverages Industry

1. Preference towards Healthy Food: With initiatives like Fit India, more and more people are becoming conscious of their food intake. We want less calories, less sugar, less carbs. Yet, we're not willing to compromise on the taste of our food, are we?! Many all you can eat restaurants are now offering a variety of fresh fruit juice with no added sugar to cater to the consumer requirements.

2. Transparency: We're seeing a rise in the number of "open-kitchens" these days. Consumers are not only interested in knowing what they are eating, but also on how the food is being made, and who is preparing the food. Open kitchens show consumers about how their meal is being cooked, how hygienic the premises are, etc.

3. Sustainability: With the increase in global warming and climate change issues, consumers are inclining more towards sustainable packaging and recognizable ingredients. They not only want to know what ingredients are being used, they want to know how they are grown.

Careers and Job Opportunities in the F&B Industry

There is an array of job opportunities available in the food and beverage industry, some of which are as follows:

1. Head Chef

2. Sous Chef

3. Kitchen Helper

4. F&B Supervisor

5. F&B Server

6. Baker

7. Bartender, etc.

With so many options available, one can choose in the field he is interested to work in. If you're someone who has a passion for cooking, you can become a chef, or, if you're a creative person, you can present the dishes in your own style on the table. And if you're someone who likes to interact face-to-face with guests, you can opt to be a F&B Server.

If you're interested in a career in food and beverages, we at Infimind offer a two month, free of cost course in Food and Beverage Services. On successful completion of the course, candidates receive a certificate from the Department on Tourism, Government of Karnataka. Candidates also receive a stipend of up to Rs.2,000 and are provided 100% placement opportunities on completion of course.

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