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Skill Development is important!


Skill Development is considered to be the foundation for anyone at the first place to invest in something to improve their proficiency and to stay future-ready, any goal that is set should have passion, and obtain the ability to complete a task with higher rate of success at the right time. Skill development is essential because it determine the person’s ability to execute their plans with success at the right place and time. In today’s world, their’s a lack of proper education and training which restricts people from the getting the required opportunities for self-development. Eventually, this also stops an individual in making the influential contribution to economic growth. Now this would in other way also mean that the adequate education quality and training are recognised as the foundation for breaking down the chain of poverty. Skill development in India: India has a literacy rate of around 70%, which is lesser when compared to some of the least developed countries, and when it comes to employability, only 20% of them are employable. Literacy is not only restricted to education but goes beyond and broadens to the concept of skills, which comprises of technical expertise, vocational skills, transferrable skills, digital skills, and other such skills, knowledge and abilities that are required for employment and livelihood. According to a survey, only 25% of the Indian workforce, have undergone a skill development program, and a country like India needs something more because we require higher number of skilled workforce.

In this era, many organisations prefer only the skilled employees and does not even consider those who have less skills. Top Skills will always intensify the productivity, efficiency and the quality of work and this in-return will give more significant results. According to the World Trade Organization, the GDP level can increase up to 3%-5% in 2035, only if India starts focussing on the skill development and training. However, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) is solely responsible for coordinating the skill development activities in India. It gets the required support from various other organisations such as the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), which is again an organisation that aims at promoting the skill development in the country by establishing institutes across the country. Along with NSDC, the MSDE is also supported by the National Skill Development Agency (NSDA), this organisation seeks to coordinate the efforts of the government and the private sector and also extends its support in the skill development. Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the Skill Development Mission under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on the 15th of July 2015. This mission was launched with a view to train over 40 crore people in India in different skills by 2022. The mission majorly focuses on the vocational training part and certification of youth for the better livelihood and respect in the society in the coming future. The various such initiatives that are under this campaign are National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY), Skill Loan Scheme, Rural India Skill, etc. Private organisations are also a part of such initiative, some of them are: CLR Skill training foundation which works under the provision of NEEM Scheme of the government, earn and learn, non-technical skills, soft skills to the youth. We must support the programmes that enhances the access and improves the educational opportunities from early-stage of education and skill development in the country. Why Skill Development? Skill development is the process of (1) identifying the skill gaps, (2) developing and improving these skills. It is also important because your skills is what determine your ability to execute your plans in a way you wanted it to be and become successful in your life. Reasons why Skill Development training is the most important training at the moment: The following are some of the key reasons why skill development is the need of the hour:

  • The Current Workforce doesn’t have the Right Skills: There is high amount skills shortage in the employees of most of the organisations and this in return posses a serious financial threat. Unless the companies take some serious and immediate action to close the skill gap, it's only going to get worse.

  • Hard Skills can take diversions quickly: There are a lot of industrial revolution that as risen the the much required advances in the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and VR among the other technologies. New roles have emerged and the technical skills like data analysis, robotics and software development are rising day-by-day and its demand are also increasing. These essential hard skills of today might become insufficient tomorrow, hence to overcome such an insufficiency, employee training and development acts as the key to safeguard the business growth and employee stability.

  • A Skilled Workforce provides Customer Loyalty: The advancements in the technology are reshaping the workplace and the market.We are all constantly and very frequently welcoming the innovative services and the products into our lives. This has also elevated the customer expectations also. Now there is a huge demand for the premium products services, customer experience and sophisticated products.

  • Training improves Job Satisfaction: Skill development training at the workplace is very important to increase the job satisfaction. It also prevents the top talent from walking out of the door. Providing regular employee training will enhance and increase the productivity and performance of the employee and the organisation.

  • Soft Skills at the workplace is always important: Teams with strong soft skills always perform the best and brings out the best in the company. Unlike hard skills, soft skills also have an equal importance for the betterment of the individual and the company.

The list when we talk about soft skills and its importance goes on and on and on!, this is endless. When it question is about what soft skills your employees need to develop depends upon the type of business, its goals and its objectives. Employee soft skill training will help the organisation and employees to perform better now and in the future.

Choosing the right soft skills training is important and in the same way, choosing the right platform for the soft skills training is also key to the attain the goals. We at Infimind Educare Foundation believe in a holistic approach, and offer various skilled courses such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Python Programming, Java Programming, Full Stack Web Development, Hospitality Management, IELTS, etc. All our courses are job oriented. We try to bridge the gap between the job market's demand and supply by providing on-the-job training or practical exposure during the course of the programme, and also assure placements to candidates who successfully complete our courses. This process will help you equip with the idea to solve critical issues inside an organisations, help you align individual goals with the organisation goals. We try to address and deliver the most critical and in demand course like we discussed before and these courses acts as a building block to your career.

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