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Soft Skills - What are they?

“Soft Skills” a very small words with a very big and in-depth meaning and importance in one’s life. We all think that we are more than capable of doing anything and everything. Be it professional or personal life, this two words plays an important role. People with immense talent are not getting their desired jobs or sometimes tend to loose job because they lack these skills.

So what are Soft Skills? Why are they so important? What impact has it created on humans? I am sure you are having all such questions in your mind.

Fret not, we will go through one by one and know what these soft skills are!

Meaning of Soft Skills

Soft skills are the personal attributes that supports situational awareness and also enhances an individual’s ability to get a very good job in some of the top companies. This soft skills is often used as the synonym for the something called as the personal skills or the emotional intelligence.

Soft skill is the combination of the people skills, social skills, communication skills, character, personality traits etc. In other words, Soft Skills are the skills that can classified as a skills related to personality traits or habits. It is something which cannot be seen, touched or felt, instead it is something which comes within us from the very beginning.

Just like hard skills which speaks about the person’s technical ability to perform a defined task, soft skills too are broadly applicable across the job titles and industries. It is often said that, “While hard skills might get someone an interview, soft skills will help that person get the job.”

Soft Skills and the Business

Now a days, businesses or business executives and leaders are making this soft skills more of a priority at the hiring someone for their company as this helps the employees or the potential candidate to succeed in the modern organisation. Recently, LinkedIn listed leadership skills, good communication skills, time management skills as the top in-demand soft skills. Also some of the top tech companies had listed problem solving, adaptability, and time management has its top in-demand skills that the recruiters are soughing out in candidates.

Soft Skills that are in demand

Person with a very good emotional intelligence and also has a very good communication skills and interpersonal skills, have a great chances of clearly articulating goals and also lead a team in the best possible way. This skill is especially important for those who work for a multimember, multidisciplinary teams and are geographically or culturally away from their own ones.

For those businesses that have a customer/relations components across the states/country, having a strong soft skills is a way to ensure that a positive relationship between the customers and company is built.

Here’s a list of soft skills that generally employers around the world look for:

  • Creativity

  • Problem solving technique

  • Confidence

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Time management skill & Friendliness

  • Good work ethics and positive attitude

  • Good Communication Skills

  • Common sense & ability to grasp things

These are some of the various other skills that employers look for in a candidate before hiring.

Why are Soft Skills important?

For business projects, it is always important that the employees work as a team, along with having a positive attitude and interactions with the fellow workers to complete the task. As a result of this, the employers are looking out for workers who possess team work, collaboration, communication, problem-solving skills, and other emotional and cognitive capabilities to work comfortably in a multimember, multidisciplinary teams and geographically located teams.

Soft Skills training

Soft skill training plays an important role in the corporate world. Businesses and individuals can help to close the gap through this training. This gap can be covered by seeking feedbacks and asking others for the area that needs to be developed by an individual. One can also improve their soft skills through continually monitoring and mentoring, as well as by simply observing and emulating others who are successfully in interacting with the people and how they handle the difficulties in interpersonal situations.

Working with a professional coach, reading a self-help books and other related articles can assist an individual in this process of gaining the soft skills, also taking up some of the self assessment tools and test can really help an individual go through and the gain the skills that can help them in the long run.

Soft Skills training enables better teamwork, efficiency and productivity

Soft Skills trainings empowers the organisation’s employees to collaborate and work together as a team in order to collectively meet the company goals and objectives. This in turn leads to improved efficiency and increased productivity.

While the popularity of soft skill is increasing day by day, hard skills should not be put aside or put on the back-burner, soft skills along with the hard skills are both equally important. Given that both plays a major role in the strategy of building a well rounded workforce that has the skills they need to do a great job.


In a nutshell, skill development is way to make the best use of the untapped youth energy of our country. We always believed in a holistic approach, and hence we are offering various skill development courses such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, python programming, Digital Marketing etc. All our courses are job oriented.

Our major Moto is to bridge the gap between the job market's demand and supply by providing on-the-job training or practical exposure during the course of the programme, and also assure placements to candidates who successfully complete our courses.

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